Ball Blast Mod Apk v2.3.1 Unlimited Money & Hack Ball Blast


If you are an arcade game lover then you should try this ball blast mod apk. In the ball blast game you have to shoot the balls with a cannon to break them by matching the same color balls in given shooting numbers. Ball blast is most popular game globally in arcade game lovers. Ball blast game is a free to download and play it means you don’t have to pay money to play this game but also it has its premium version. By using the premium version of the game you will be able to unlock the premium cannons and ball themes and other stuff.

In the standard version of the game you will face a lot of in game and pop up ads but this game has also a modded version called “ball blast mod apk” with the help of this version you can enjoy the premium world of game.  

App Name Ball Blast Mod Apk
Publisher VooDoo
Genre Arcade
File Size 98 MB
Avaialbe OnPlay Store

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What is Ball Blast Game

As we discussed before that this is an arcade game where you have to break down the target with the help of cannons and balls before these balls hits you. This game has two versions one is premium and one is free. Both versions are available on the playstore and you can download the free version without spending money.

In the standard (free version) of the game you have to pass all the game levels to earn more coins and money and you can use these coins to unlock more premium cannons and other stuff like balls and themes. And also in the standard version of the game you will get a lot of distractions from the advertisement in game. But in the premium version you have to spend real money to unlock premium cannons and stop ads. Its your choice  whether you chose the standard version or premium version. 

Ball Blast Mod Apk No Ads

What is Ball Blast Mod Apk

This cool game has also a modded version called “Ball Blast Mod Apk”. Remember that, using modified version of any game or app can violate the policies of the original game and app and also can cause the malware and hacking attack to your device. So always download these types of modified apps and games from an trusted/authentic sources like

In the modified version of ball blast apk users will get access to its premium world without spending any real money and also you will get zero ads in this version. The modded version of the game gives you access to unlimited money, unlimited coins and premium stuff like cannons, balls and backgrounds. Also using “Ball Blast Mod Apk” give you can unlock the levels without spending real money. 

Gameplay of Ball Blast Mod Apk

The gameplay of Ball Blast is very easy and simple. You have to control the cannon at the bottom of the your mobile screen and aim the incoming balls to shoot them before they hit you. As you level up in the game it will get more difficult and fast which makes it more engaging and enjoyable. Each ball has a number on it which tell you how many times you need to shoot it. Things will get faster as your progress will increase to make it more enjoyable.

Always aim for high scores & use power ups to figure out which balls to hit first. This gameplay is very easy and simple but when you complete the levels it will get more challenging and hard. 

Sounds and Graphics in Ball Blast Mod Apk


Ball Blast Apk offers you colorful and dynamic graphics which makes the game more engaging and exciting. Due to its cool graphics and live game ball animation makes it popular globally among the arcade game lovers. The vibrant backgrounds and live animation of the game creates an engaging and exciting gaming environment which hooks the users and force them to play. In the end it doesn’t even matter you are a noob or pro the high quality graphics of the game makes every movement exciting and enjoyable. 


The game’s sound system adds an extra layer of excitement and engagement. The sound of ball shooting, power-ups, and the lively background music makes the entire game thrilling. As you progress in the game the energetic background music increases the suspense. Overall, the game’s sound system is highly engaging and super cool, making it more enjoyable and keeping users hooked.

Ball Blast Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Gems

Features of Ball Blast Mod Apk

Unlocked Features:

With the Ball Blast Mod Apk you can unlock the amazing and premium features which you can’t get in the original one. From special power-ups to advanced levels, and ads free experience

Enhanced Graphics:

Enjoy a visual feast with enhanced graphics. The mod includes improved visuals, making your gaming adventure more colorful and engaging.

Altered Gameplay Dynamics:

Experience a twist in the game dynamics. Ball Blast Mod Apk can introduce new challenges, modified rules, or innovative obstacles, adding a layer of unpredictability.

Customization Options:

Tailor the game to your preferences. The mod allows for personalization, letting you tweak settings and features to suit your gaming style.

Advanced Levels:

Say goodbye to monotony with additional levels. Ball Blast Mod Apk includes levels beyond the standard game, providing a fresh and extended gaming experience.

Unique Power-Ups:

Encounter unique power-ups that can change the whole game. Whether it’s boosting your firepower or introducing new elements, these additions make each playthrough exciting.

Ball Blast Mod Apk No Ads

Enjoy uninterrupted gameplay with an ad-free experience. Ball Blast Mod Apk no ads, making a seamless and immersive gameplay.

Increased Difficulty:

You will get a lot of difficult levels in this ball blast mod apk which makes it more challenging and exciting. Brace yourself for tougher gameplay that needs strategic thinking, master minding and quick reflexes.

Customized Visual Elements:

Personalize the look and feel of the game with customized visual elements. From colors to themes. With the help of Ball Blast Mod Apk you can make a gaming environment in your own style and taste. 

Community Mods:

Explore mods created by the gaming community. These unique modifications offer a range of features, fostering a sense of community engagement and shared creativity.

Unlock the premium world and enhanced gaming experience with Ball Blast Mod Apk. Each feature contributes to a gaming experience that goes beyond the standard version of the game and provides a playground of creativity for both casual players and gaming experts.

Ball Blast Mod Apk

How to Download and Install Ball Blast Mod Apk

  • Make sure you are downloading this game from an trusted source like “”.
  • The download link for this game is given below. 
  • After downloading the game open your device’s file manger and search for “Ball Blast Mod Apk”. Which can be founded in the “download” or “apps” folder.
  • Make sure installation from unknown resources is turned on your device.
  • After that install the game and enjoy the premium world of “Ball Blast Apk”

Download Hack Ball Blast Mod Apk.

You can download hack ball blast mod apk by simply clicking on the button given below.

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Ball Blast Mod Apk is very popular game among the arcade game lover community. If you are one of them who loves the arcade games then you should try this amazing game. This game game comes with two versions one is premium and one is free version. The free version of this game can be downloaded from the play store and the premium version can be purchased with real money. But also this game has a modified version which gives you access to it’s premium version without spending real money. In the premium version of the game you will access to features like unlimited money and coins, premium cannons, unlocked levels and ads free experience etc. 

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